Protecting Our Members and The Community


We’ve said it for a long time, and now the proof is in: Worksafe ACT is failing Canberra workers.

Over 3000 workers are injured in Canberra every year. That’s more than 57 people a week. The rate of serious injuries on Canberra worksites is the second highest in the country, well above the Australian average.

What those numbers translate too, especially for those of us that work in construction, is more than 57 families each week enduring both the physical pain of an injury and the stress and anxiety that comes from being unable to work.

And that’s just the lucky ones. 18 Australian construction workers have been killed at work already in 2017.

Despite this, Worksafe ACT handed out 70% less infringement notices in 2014-2015 than they did the year before. Despite hiring more inspectors, Worksafe ACT inspected 10% fewer workplaces. This it not good enough, and working people are paying the price.

I’ve heard members calling them Weaksafe, and I think that’s fair enough.

That is why Canberra needs an independent Worksafe authority – an authority that believes, like us, that safety at work should be the number one priority.

This month, Unions ACT launched a campaign to demand an end to Weaksafe. They want to see an independent Worksafe Authority that puts safety first. I urge you all to join that campaign.

Sign up now at

And remember, if you ever feel unsafe at work: Stand up, speak out and come home.

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Zachary Smith