Published: 18 Mar 2020


The CFMEU C&G ACT Divisional Branch believes that at this stage it is not in the interest of the industry and its workforce for sites to be to be closed down partially or fully due to Covid 19, although we must all work to maintain public and private health standards for everyone in the community.
Site Hygiene
Each site Work Health and Safety Committee should determine the specific hygiene measures that are necessary for their site including but not limited to:
  • Additional cleaning/decontamination on-site.
  • Separation of meal breaks and work groups to achieve maximum personal space.
  • Provide suitable gloves where workers are in close proximity for work or site access purposes.
  • Provide hand sanitiser in all hoists, amenities and all other areas/levels of the site or workplace
  • (adequate soap also to be provided in all amenities).
  • Conduct regular communication with all workers to provide up-to-date information on the
  • procedures adopted for the site.
Individual Arrangements
Workers who believe they have Covid-19 symptoms should NOT attend site or their workplace, or if they develop symptoms at work, should immediately leave site, follow their employer’s usual sick leave notification process over the phone, and contact their GP by phone, or the Weston Creek Walk in Centre or call Healthdirect (1800 022 222) to arrange testing, and remain in self-isolation until test results are available.
All test results should be communicated to the employee’s employer as soon as possible.
  • Where the employee has a negative test result the employer should facilitate an immediate return to work without prejudice.
  • Where the employee has a positive result, following the isolation period, the employer should facilitate a return to work (subject to medical clearance) without prejudice.
If an employee is excluded from the workplace or required to spend a period in isolation, either as a result of personal illness, or suspected illness, or the illness, or suspected illness, of a member of their family or household, the employer should facilitate that employee’s access to paid leave, including special leave, accrued leave or leave in advance of accrual.
Any financial member financially disadvantaged should contact the Union on 02 6267 1599 for further information. CCW is also available to provide support to members on 1800 211 470.
Site Closures
No site or workplace should be partially or fully closed down without direction and/or advice by the ACT Chief Health Officer, their Representative, or other appropriate government agency.
Any site or workplace partially or fully closed as directed/advised by the ACT Chief Health Officer should be re-opened as soon as any cleaning and/or decontamination works as directed/advised by the ACT Chief Health Officer are completed. Any workers without symptoms and/or negative test results should be advised by their employer to return to work again without prejudice.
Any site partially or fully closed without a direction of the ACT Chief Health Officer (or other relevant Government Agency) may be subject to legal claims by the Union for payment of employee entitlements by the employer.
The Branch will continue to review its position on a daily basis to consider any legal direction by health authorities responsible for the Covid -19 pandemic.
CFMEU, Construction & General Division, ACT Divisional Branch 7-10/ Cape Street Dickson ACT, Authorised Jason O’Mara Secretary.