Letter from Adam Potts

Published: 12 Apr 2017

I would like to say a huge thanks the CFMEU and the Canberra community for supporting my family through these tough times. At the end of last year my three year old daughter Annabelle was Diagnosed with DIPG, a rare, paediatric brain tumour. It is inoperable as it is in the brainstem and controls all of Annabelle’s vital functions including sight, hearing, eating, speech and breathing.

We have been told by the Sydney Children's Hospital that we only have months left with Annabelle. We recently received some hope as Annabelle has been accepted into a clinical trial in the U.K. which we are trying to raise funds to get into.

Both myself and my wife Kathie have been away from work since then while she was getting radiation. Kathie has set up a Facebook page called Love for Annabelle for anyone who wants to follow our story as we are trying to raise awareness.

We are so overwhelmed with everyone helping us with everything.

Thanks guys!
Adam Potts

Find out more: facebook.com/loveforannabelle/