Pamphlet debacle proves the MBA are out of control

Published: 2 Feb 2017

The Master Builders Associations latest embarrassing error proves that they have lost touch with their members and are instead focused solely on an ideological war with the CFMEU, the union’s ACT branch secretary said today in Canberra.

On Wednesday the MBA was forced to retract and apologise after a pamphlet containing false claims was published online and in hard copy.

“Only last week we saw an MBA member publicly resign, accusing the MBA of merely running a propaganda campaign. This pamphlet is exactly what he was talking about it – the use of members’ money to pursue an ideological war against working people” said Dean Hall, the CFMEU ACT branch secretary.

“We know that the MBA is happy to portray the construction industry – the industry that has made their members rich – as corrupt and unproductive, just to help their Liberal party mates in their quest to destroy unions. The question for the MBA to ask is, is this what their members pay them for?

“Publishing blatant lies and being forced into embarrassing retractions are not signs of a well-functioning organisation.

“The MBA is now more worried about us than they are about their own members, and it is time for those members to start demanding better.”