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All of our RDO calendars are online. You can save them to your device's calendar, download and print them. You can find them here.
If you still have questions about your RDO's, contact us.

To find out more about the allowances you are entitled to, please contact your organiser.

The correct rate of super is either set out in the Superannuation Guarantee OR your current EBA. Please contact either your Organiser or the Regional CBUS co-ordinator on 1300 361 784 for more information.

Under clause 36 of the award, an employee, other than a casual employee, shall be entitled to not work on public holidays without deduction of ordinary pay. If you agree to work a public holiday you are entitled to double time and a half. If you don't think you are receving the correct pay for public holidays or if you need more information, contact the office

To check that you are receiving the correct hourly rate, contact your organiser